Do we have a secret behind delivering the best ayurveda treatment in Kerala?

For us, ayurveda is a way of life. and an essential part of our culture. Our experienced doctors blend ayurveda treatments with nutrition, individual guidance, and diet. So, you get to experience accurate healing. Want to know the best part of our treatments?

best ayurveda treatment in kerala

The best element of ayurvedic science is panchakarma treatment. A complete detox and rejuvenation solution

Panchakarma helps you get liberated from accumulated toxins at a cellular level. It helps to cleanse your inner body, including your tissues, organs, and mind. Panchakarma is the ayurvedic way to rejuvenate your body and mind. This unique process helps you to experience true ayurvedic wellness.

kerala ayurvedic treatment

Our medical team plan and execute your exceptional ayurvedic healing experience

It starts with a detailed analysis of the root cause of your ailment on a precise ayurvedic basis. Qualified doctors with outstanding clinical experience plan your Kerala ayurvedic treatments. Trained therapists execute them under guidance of doctors. All this complemented by a vegetarian homely ayurveda diet. And you get to experience the best ayurveda wellness experience in Kerala.

Best ayurvedic wellness center in kerala

Matha has emerged as a top Kerala ayurvedic hospital. Want to know the real healing force behind this?

Each medicine used at Matha is hand made as prescribed in the traditional texts. We use only freshly prepared medicines for our patients. For this purpose, we have an in-house GMP certified medicine manufacturing unit. No outside sale happens at our hospital. This way, we ensure quality by preparing small batches under the watchful eyes of our doctors.

How to get ayurvedic treatment from Matha

First, lets begin by filling up the pre-admission questionnaire

This medical form gives an idea of your present medical condition to our doctors.

Next, step is to have a medical discusion

Our medical team will process your pre-admission medical questionire and reply back by email and assign the right doctor for your medical discussion. The phone number (along with the ideal time to call) and email of the doctor will be communicated in the mail.

Confirm your dates

After the medical discussion, its time to confirm your room booking. You may select the room category of your choice.

At Matha, you get to experience authentic and traditional ayurveda treatments strictly on scientific ayurvedic principles

Matha is a small family run ayurveda hospital. Ayurvedic treatments are our only focus. We welcome only those who are serious about ayurvedic healing. Becasue that is our only core competency.

Ayurvedic eye treatment

Matha was the first ayurveda hospital to offer a specialty in ayurvedic eye treatment (or nethra chikitsa). Due to the large volume of eye patients coming to see our chief physician, Dr P K Santhakumari, the hospital is known to many as "kannashupathri" (malayalam for eye hospital).


Purify your body and experience natural healing. Matha is the best ayurveda center for panchakarma in Kerala.

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